Tips for Purchasing Second Hand Medical Equipment

If you require second-hand medical equipment for your clinic, many websites specialise in these products. One of the benefits of purchasing used medical equipment is the cost, especially as second-hand items can work out to be less expensive than those that are brand new. Here are some tips when buying used medical equipment.

Do your research

You will need to do your research in order to ascertain the best companies that provide these products. Third-party review websites can provide you with the information you need. These sites include reviews left by customers who have purchased equipment from these companies in the past. Some of the most popular second-hand medical equipment can include stretchers, wheelchairs, ultrasound devices, patient monitoring devices, and chiropractic equipment.

Find out more details about the product

You may also want to phone the company directly to find out more about a particular piece of equipment, for example how often it has been used and whether it is in a good state of repair. Although many websites will include photos of the equipment they are selling, it’s not always easy to determine the true condition of these items. You might want to ask the company representative whether the item is second-hand or has been reconditioned. Some products might not come with the additional equipment that is needed to operate the item, such as power sources or manuals. Find out about whether you will need to purchase these items separately.

Enquire about product guarantees

You will need to ensure that any product you buy comes with a guarantee, and has been fully tested. Although a transferred or extended warranty might not be available directly from the manufacturer of the item, the company selling the equipment should provide you with some kind of guarantee when you make a purchase. For example, find out whether you have a limited time to return the item (usually 28 days) if there is any damage or it doesn’t function correctly.