The Ultimate Guide to the Electric Lift Chair

What’s a lift and recline chair?

Let’s cut to the chase and find out. 

If you like, you can call lift chairs power lift recliners, rise-and-recline chairs, medical recline chairs or electric lift chairs. They’re all in different sizes, as well as styles which are present in the small and large widths. This ensures they’re usable by different people.

A lift chair does not only assume the look of a standard recliner, but they work pretty the same way, or we can say the same way. It usually enables the user to comfortably recline. However, their notable difference is that a lift chair besides reclining,  it also supports one while shifting from seating to standing. So, this means you won’t have to lift yourself, which is usually a straining experience for your shoulders and also arms. An electric chair will stand you up, meaning you’ll face no fatigue or injury. That’s a great relieve.

Carers also find the electric chair an easier way to help their loved ones. Carers often face the challenge of back injuries which is as a result of lifting someone. Though, a lift chair will help avoid and prevent any injury by transferring the user from different positions. 

Is a lift chair a good option for you?

When do you need a lift chair? Let’s see whether you need one. 

If you find it hard to get out of your seated position, without any help, then the lift chair is for you. Why? The lifting does everything until you get to a standing position. You thus will strain your muscles in minimal occasions, which prevents you from suffering injuries. 

People with various medical conditions receive therapeutic benefits from the lift chair. Individuals with arthritis, back pain and poor circulation feel comfortable on the chair, either when seated or reclined. 

Since the chair offers a handful of sitting positions, it’s going to benefit people who remain sitting for most of their time. It reduces the risk of pressure sores, provides the necessary support for different activities and improves the circulation of blood. 

Choosing a Lift Chair 

Electrical lift chairs are made to assist people to rise from a seated position, or recline backwards and lift their legs. All these could be for comfort or due to a medical condition. 

When the user gently raises the chair up, they can transfer either on or from an almost standing position. This usually helps people with poor shoulder, arm or even hand strength. It counters instability, as well us supports weak legs. The user can have a more favourable seating position, with the back recline or leg raise. The leg rest is elevated for comfort purposes and it boosts circulation. 

Benefits of using a lift chair include: 

  • Assists in transfers therefore increasing functionality and well being. 
  • Reduces shoulder fatigue, more than the manual recliners. 
  • Gives the rightful posture with lots of seating positions. 
  • Allows for leg elevation to reduce fluid and increase circulation. 

According to studies, lift chairs usually maintain muscle tone since they reduce lower skeletal joint fatigue as well as degeneration. 

Lift chairs vary in size. They range from small to extra extra large, with different fabrics and colours depending on various user tastes. They’re also single or dual motor oriented. 

Here are major factors to consider while choosing a lift chair for yourself: 

  • The right size of chair
  • The comfort 
  • Whether a single or dual motor 
  • Your various needs and abilities 
  • Various environmental factors – standard or wall-saver model 

Right chair size 

Lift chairs come in different sizes to serve people of various sizes. It’s vital to pick the right size, to have the right posture while using it, hence reducing any possibility of pressuring the skin. Consider seat width and depth, backrest height, seat height, width and shape together with the length and height of the armrest. What’s also important is to carefully consider the weight capacity of the lift chair. 

The comfort 

Since you’ll spend a significant amount of time on the lift chair, it’s good to ensure comfort. Consider all factors but if the chair is uncomfortable, it may be of little or no use to you. 

Whether single or dual motor. 

For single lift chairs, they’ve one control that operates the back recline when the leg is raised. The control consists of two buttons and thus being easy to use for anybody. 

Dual lift motors are controlled independently for their backrest and footrest. The user is, therefore, able to select several positions like the straight backrest and the elevated footrest. For people who require more of a horizontal position, these chairs can recline further. Dual motor lifts have four buttons, for the two motors, with each having an up and down one. 

Your various needs and abilities 

One needs to consider the ability to use a multi-button control on the dual-motor or a two-button control on the single motor lift chair. It’s also helpful to consider the user’s skin integrity since fabrics could have different effects and impacts. Some of the chairs have a two-way stretch material plus an air bladder that relieves pressure on the skin. 

When choosing a lift chair for the first time, it’s good to have trained professionals do the assessment and fitting. 

Various environmental factors 

It’s important to consider the position of the lift chair in the room. For standard one and two motor lift chairs, there need to be ample free space behind for reclining of the backrest. So they must be placed away from the wall. Some chairs usually have a ‘space saver’ mechanism likely to be positioned 15 cm from the wall. 

The power supply also needs to be readily available, that’s, close enough to the chair to prevent tripping.