May 26, 2022
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Betstar Bookmaker Review: Reasons to Bet with Betstar

Being one of the oldest Australian sport betting platforms, Betstar is an easy to use and user-centric bookmaker. Founded in 2007 by Michael and Alan Eskander, Betstar is currently owned by Ladbrokes Australia.

Since the acquisition, Betstar has been offering a great deal of betting services to the Australian betting market just like what Ladbrokes offers. Landmark products like Betstar ATM Card, daily promotions, and others are the main highlights of this leading Australian bookmaker. Let’s get to know it better.

Betstar Australia Review

Same as its big brother, Betstar features a similar website in terms of layout and betting options as Ladbrokes Australia. Also, the sporting events and odds for winning are somewhat similar. What makes Betstar different from Ladbrokes is the colour scheme and daily promotions on offers. So, the punters and betters who already have an account on Ladbrokes should take note of that.

Betstar has a blue colour theme while Ladbrokes features a red theme for the website. Regardless of the colour scheme, they both have a very easy-to-use and simple website with no clutter to make them stand out.

Betstar focuses on horse racing like many other betting websites in the Australian market. Their website features quick links to get the racing events and a dedicated column to check out the live races around the country. Also, the website takes care of sports enthusiasts and punters by listing sporting events just beside the racing column.

Another thing that differentiates Betstar from the rest of the Australian racing and sport betting sites is cheeky emails and humorous sports news on their ‘Betstar Blast’ Blog. Not all people can resonate with these posts but occasionally it can hit the right cord to pull up some good amounts of bets.

Betstar Betting Markets

As mentioned, Betstar’s main focus is on horse racing and cover the most racing market domestically and internationally. Apart from horse racing and other racing events, Betstar also offers betting on more than 35 sporting events including NRL, AFL, Soccer, Golf, etc.

Each sport has a huge amount of betting market. Plus, many punters like to bet on Novelties such as Entertainment, Music, and Finance that Betstar also offers.

Products and Positives of Betstar

Betstar Card: Betstar offers Visa ATM card just like Ladbrokes Australia that gives instant access to all the cash and winnings in your account. Cardholders can withdraw their balance from ATMs around the country or purchase goods online or in-store too.

Protest Upheld: For Australian thoroughbred racing, Betstar will pay for both horses if the protest upheld against the horse that’s about to finish first.

Other than having a simple and effective betting interface, Betstar also has great competitive odds and great offers. It allows punters to pick their own odds for select races by choosing the winning margin.

Betstar has also come up with its own mobile app for iOS and Android devices that has a neat and clever design. Also, placing a bet on the app or even on the website is easy and takes less than half a minute once the account is set up.


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